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Proofen reliability of high-tech equipment's in challenging applications

Electrical, electronic and electromechanical components and systems (EEE) are the technological bridge to the physical world. As important components in industrial production, healthcare and mobility, there is no way around them when it comes to process automation and increasing efficiency. Particularly in safety-critical areas of application, where the reliability and accuracy of the systems are of crucial importance, qualification, testing and certification procedures by independent institutes are the preferred means of proving functionality and reliability as well as compliance with regulatory requirements and obligations.


  Proven functionality and reliability

Increase trustworthiness in maximum availability and reliability of your high-tech and ICT components in complex, integrated systems.


  Achieving conformity

Compliance to regulatory requirements and obligations is the key to reduce risk.

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Laboratory Services
Testing & Compliance

One-Stop-Shop for functional and physical testing  (EMC, RAD, UAS, ... )



Our certifying body is accredited to EN 17065 for electronical security products and systems. 


Project Management Office

Project management for successful and complex test and qualification processes. 

In the spotlight: Our core areas of expertise


Drones deliver many things, and quickly. Packages from delivery services, situation information for rescue operations and crisis intervention through to images and videos for leisure purposes. Advanced battery power, sensor technology, image processing and autonomous flight systems make it possible. We test these properties in our labs.
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Small Satellites

Cost effective, shorter design cycles, flexible applications - these advantages are growing the market for SmallSats as an innovative technology in a modern New Space infrastructure and application scenarios. In our labs, we take a close look to their functional requirements.  
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Access control and monitoring systems

Access control systems and monitoring systems protect infrastructures, especially in public spaces but also in critical areas. There, they are part of the measures to strengthen the physical security and resilience of facilities required by the EU CER Directive (EU 2022/2557), but also by insurers.  We test the functional safety.
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More than 30 years of experience in the industry

ENAC-accredited tests
ALTER is an ENAC accredited body for the provision of testing and compliance services.

24/7 virtuell LAB access
Benefit from round-the-clock and real-time remote access to your EC laboratory tests. 

6000 m² laboratory area
We offer a wide range of testing options and state-of-the-art equipment in our extensive laboratory space. 

We are a knowledge company
We have many years of experience and practice in testing equipment in highly critical environments. 

Deep dive into our Lab Facilities

Mechanical vibration and shock tests

Simulation of environmental conditions to which electronic devices are exposed during their service life in operation or during transport in accordance with EN 60068.

Spectrum Protection Testing

Testing of Radio Equipment to ensure the requirements of electrical safety, health protection and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) according to  RED-Richtlinie 2014/53/EU.


In our laboratories, we test a wide range of EEE equipment across all industries, application areas and use cases.

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