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Failure is not an option

ALTER expertise ensures technical compliance with project requirements, guiding component procurement for space and harsh environments. We offer technical support from selection to delivery, ensuring functionality, reliability, and quality. Through extensive testing, we guarantee component performance in diverse conditions.

Our procurement services offer comprehensive solutions, focusing on correct component selection for space programs. With direct manufacturer relationships and in-house expertise, we ensure strict management and control over the procurement process.


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Testing of
Electronic Components

A selection of our core areas of expertise

RF Testing

Experts in design, packaging and testing of microwave high reliability components.
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Optoelectronics testing

To laser, detectors, image sensors, optical transceivers, optical amplifiers, optical modulators, fibers.
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Component programming

State of the art, fully automatic programming systems, including customer specific marking and packing.
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Deep dive into our Laboratories


Total ionising dose gamma radiation testing is performed in our certified laboratory RADLAB.
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Long Term Conservation

Conservation and storage of electronic components (parts, wafers, dies, assemblies, displays) for up to 50 years.
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Photonics Design Centre

Photonic Products for Quantum and Space by investigating and pursuing new technologies and developments.
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